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Traveler Magazine

“El artista Remko Heemskerk pinta Nueva York en postales multicolor que representan la vida de la ciudad…” Read more


“Bradford Shellhammer brings his years of experience selling design wares at Fab to a new online marketplace, Bezar. The site takes a flash sales-like approach to connecting entrepreneurial makers with shoppers fatigued by big-box design retail…” Read more


“You’ll recognize the work of Netherlands-born artist Remko Heemskerk in New York City’s colorful…” Read more

Visual News

“When Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Remko Heenskerk moved to New York City, he was inspired by the architecture—as many first-timers are. To pay homage, he created a series of iconic prints, featuring his favorite places. With vibrant colors and strong, clean lines, he captures the dynamism of the city’s…” Read more


“We’re in New York this week! It’s always wonderful to visit this city. There is so much energy, beautiful architecture, and so many exciting events. We’ll be visiting a few galleries while we’re here and taking in the sites in Manhattan and Brooklyn…” Read more

“The Big Apple is zo’n plek waar we geen genoeg van kunnen krijgen. Remko Heemskerk steekt de grootste trekpleisters in een nieuw kleurrijk jasje gestoken…” Read more

Boo York City

“An artist whose brightly colored pictures of New York architecture have won him fans around the world has revealed how every artwork is inspired by a personal connection to each of the buildings” Read more

Design Taxi

Dutch art director Remko Heemskerk lived in New York City for parts of 2012 and 2013, during which he was inspired to create a series of illustrated prints that depicts some of the city’s well-known landmarks and neighborhoods…” Read more

Picame Magazine

“La metropoli è un’inesauribile fonte di ispirazione per artisti e creativi. Remko Heemskerk ha addirittura fatto di New York la propria musa, indagandone con le illustrazioni gli angoli più o meno remoti….” Read more

Online Galerij

“Remko Heemskerk werkt al meer dan 15 jaar als Art Director. In zijn vrije tijd is hij te vinden in zijn studio in Haarlem waar hij werkt aan schilderijen en illustraties. Zijn voorkeur in materiaal gaat uit naar olie verf en acryl op canvas…” Read more

Webdesigner Trends

L’illustrateur Remko Heemskerk livre une vision toute particulière de son séjour au cœur de la grosse pomme. Focus sur ses créations…” Read more

Bright Bazaar

“I stopped in my internet scrolling tracks the moment I happened upon these bright NYC art prints by Remko Heemskerk…” Read more

We and the Color

“Remko Heemskerk is a Dutch art director and illustrator. During his time in New York City in 2012/2013 he created this colorful set of illustrations. The prints feature famous landmarks and places of New York City…” Read more

We and the Color

“Remko Heemskerk è un illustratore olandese da lungo residente a Haarlem, una cittadina a ovest di Amsterdam. Nella sua ultima serie di disegni digitali, l’artista ha voluto mostrare le varie zone della città attraverso l’uso di colori forti e surreali, dando alle prints…” Read more

Fahrenheit Magazine

“Remko Heemskerk is a Dutch designer who runs his own firm. After spending some time in New York he was inspired to make colorful illustrations of some places…” Read more

Curioos blog

“Remko Heemskerk is a freelance illustrator and designer based out of Haarlem, Netherlands. In 2012, Remko took a 6-month sabbatical from his 15 yearlong career at a Dutch advertising agency and ventured…” Read more